The Glitter Bar

What is the Glitter Bar?

The Simple Syrup formula offers staying power that will keep your glittery look all day without flaking. We use high quality cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for your eyes and contact lenses. We boast thirty brilliant colors to choose from so you are sure to find a look made exclusively for you. With total control of where and how you apply the glitter you can set the mood that’s right for you. Flaunt your glitter heavy for stunning results or wear it thin for a more delicate look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations and have fun doing it. However you choose to wear your glitter you are sure to draw attention wherever you go!

Glitter is fast becoming the popular makeup choice for everyone from dance performers to those going out for a ‘night on the town’. You too can look like your favorite performers from ‘Dancing with the stars’ and ‘American Idol’.

The Glitter Bar offers 30 distinctive polyester cosmetic glitter eyeliner colors. When properly applied with our Simple Syrup adhesive, it will create a fabulous eyeliner to be worn at the office for a subtle shimmer appearance or into the night for a dramatic makeover.

Our Simple Syrup base and glitter products were created specifically for sensitive skin & contact lens wearers in mind. To remove the glitter, simply wash with soap and water. Our simple syrup does not contain formaldehyde, dyes, fragrances, proteins, lanolin, or paraben which are all common skin irritants.

Glitter Bar glitter shots

are cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for eyes, as well as soft, hard, & gas permiable contact lenses, and available in thirty shimmering colors.

The Glitter Bar Kit
is a great starter kit for anyone. The kit includes our cosmetic Simple Syrup base, an applicator brush, and a Glitter Shot all packaged in a neat decretive box. Treat yourself to a Shot today!

Product Description
The Glitter Bar is a collection of sparkling cosmetic glitter combined with our Simple Syrup for use as a dazzling liquid eyeliner. Our glitter was specifically developed for use as a cosmetic and is absolutely safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses. Our variety of glitter colors are made from polyester and do not contain metals or glass which can cause severe damage to the eyes.
Our Simple Syrup adhesive was specifically designed to be safe for sensitive skin, contact lenses, and people with allergies. If the Syrup seeps into the eye, you may feel slight discomfort, but it will not damage your eye. Simply use a cotton swab or tissue to dab your eye and extract the adhesive base, or glitter, from your eye. Your reflex tears will flush the remaining particles naturally.

Glitter Bar Secrets
Apply the glitter over eyeliner to make your eyes pop & give more definition.You can enhance your eye color and give more definition to your look.Extend the glitter up to your eyebrow for a more dramatic look.Try mixing the colors together to get the perfect color for you.Use the glitter as body art to ‘paint’ hearts & butterflies or your school logo on your cheek.Use your glitter without the Simple Syrup on wet nail polish, lip gloss, or your favorite lotion for an extra burst of fun!Mix with hair gel or mousse to add sparkly highlights to your hair.
Product Usage
Our Simple Syrup Adhesive is the mojo behind our glitter eyeliner. It’s never been easier, or cleaner, to apply glitter that will stay on all day without flaking. Just a drop of our Simple Syrup adhesive and a little dab of glitter is all you need to create a dramatic and alluring look unparalleled by other glitter cosmetics!

To apply The Glitter Bar eye liner: Use one drop of Simple Syrup on the end of your brush and tap off any excess syrup. Dip your brush into your selected shot of glitter and apply it like you would liquid eye liner. Apply the glitter directly above your lash line as you would eye liner. You can also use a Q-tip without the adhesive to apply the glitter as a shadow or anywhere on your face or body for a more dramatic look.

To use glitter as body art: Apply a modest amount of Simple Syrup adhesive to the end of your brush. Dip your brush in your desired color and paint your art where you like. Or, with a large powder brush, dip into the glitter shot of choice and dust lightly over an area you want to apply glitter. Enhance a tatoo by dusting it with a little glitter or mix your favorite color with body lotion or nail polish to make your own glittery product.

If you find the glitter is going on too thick, use slightly more adhesive and a little less glitter. Likewise, if you find the glitter is going on too thin, use a little more glitter and slightly less base. Applying the glitter on the back of your hand makes good practice until you get the feel for using your Glitter Bar makeup.

Like any cosmetic, as long as you do not rub the applied glitter, it will adhere all day without flaking. The adhesive takes a few seconds to dry depending on how heavy the glitter is applied. A hair dryer can be used on a low, cool setting to aid the drying process. If you open your eyes before the glitter is completely dry a ‘glitter trace’ could appear on your upper eyelid. When the glitter is applied it could feel tight at first but will loosen and feel natural in a few minutes. Once the glitter is applied and is dry you may not even notice it’s on. To remove your Glitter Bar makeup, simply wash the area with soap and warm water.