Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why can’t I get the ‘Sexy’ series Swinger with a magnifier and true view combination?
A. The ‘Sexy’ Series Swinger mirror utilizes first surface mirror technology eliminating the use of external frames and extrusions giving the mirror an overall sleeker appearance. That being said, to create a magnifying mirror a ‘belly’ must be formed in the mirror giving the reverse side a minifying affect.
Q. How do I clean my Swinger?
A. Always clean you Swinger mirror with a lint free micro-fiber polishing cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning solution.
Q. How many pulls have the swinger mirror been tested for?
A. The Swinger mirror has been tested to exceed 6,000 pulls without losing its neutral buoyancy.
Q. Will the handles turn color or tarnish?
A. All metal handles with the potential of oxidizing are powder coated to avoid discoloration.
Q. Does it have to swing?
A. Because our mirror is attached to a cable it will of course have a tendency to swing a little. After all, it is a ‘Swinger’.
Q. What if I have ceilings over 10 feet high?
A. Although the Swinger mirror is designed to perform best with 8-10 foot ceilings you can hang your Swinger from virtually any ceiling height. You may however experience some upward movement if your ceiling exceeds twelve feet and the mirror cable is fully extracted. Ceiling extensions are available from various vendors to accommodate almost any ceiling height.
Q. Why does my mirror creep up when I release the handle?
A. If you have just received your Swinger mirror the tension in the spring could be a little tight and will loosen with time. In the meantime, if you fully extract and retract the cord three times it will reset the spring and will minimize the movement. You could also experience a creeping affect if your ceilings are over twelve feet and the cable is fully extracted. Again, resetting the spring or installing a ceiling extension will correct this issue.
Q. My mirror turns after I release it. Why? How do I make it stop?
A. When you adjust your Swinger mirror up and down it will naturally have a tendency to spin after you release it. You can adjust the position of the cable where it attaches to the mirror by turning the cable to the appropriate position and thereby minimize the spinning effect significantly.
Q. Will the movement of the mirror set off my motion sensing burglar alarm?
A. Under normal operation, the average time it takes for the Swinger to come to a resting position is two minutes. So, if you are using a motion sensing alarm system in your environment just make sure to allow your Swinger to come to a complete rest before setting your alarm.
Q. Can this mirror be lighted?
A. Yes, if you hang your Swinger next to a light.
Q. Can I paint the wood handles?A. Yes, the wooden handles are finished with clear enamel that will allow you to use latex or enamel paint to color the handles to your liking.
Q. Does the mounting box (canopy) have to be that size/shape/color?
A. We chose the canopy’s size, shape, and color to blend in with the vast majority of ceilings while providing the best possible functionality. We encourage our patrons to be creative in concealing the Swinger canopy in order to suit their aesthetic needs.