About Kelly Shaffer

Kelly Shaffer, Eyebiz European Eyewear

Kelly Shaffer, aka "Crazy Kelly" began with a unique concept of what an eye glass store should be. Different from the typical chain store, we have hundreds of designer frames and designer sunglasses for all men and women!

With a quick glance and a few simple questions, she starts to perform her magic. We don’t treat eye glasses as a medical device but as a fashion statement. If you have to wear them, why not love them! No matter your profession, your eye glasses express your true personality, and we want them to be fabulous.

For over 32 years, eyeBiz clients have been receiving comments like; “Hey, cool glasses, where did you get them?” – and they gladly refer their friends and family to us at eyeBiz. So, if you wear eye glasses and are ready for a change, don’t let your bad experiences from other optical stores deter you from purchasing the perfect pair of eye glasses for your lifestyle.